Squirrel mayhem ...

I was out in the garden yesterday afternoon, enjoying the peace and energy of it.  The sun had dropped behind the trees and that's the time I usually water the plants.  All of a sudden a mother squirrel and a baby drop to the floor in front of me!  The mother climbed up the fence and took off like a shot ... me and the baby just sort of stood looking at eachother.  Eventually it came nearer and then went past me into the garden ... which was fine by me because I could keep an eye on it until the mother found a way to get it out of here - it couldn't climb the fence yet.

Then there was some commotion next door and I found another baby being 'ahh'ed at by Edna and her visitor.  I coaxed it into my garden so that both siblings were together and then tried to catch it to put it up on the fence so that they could both follow their mother ... no joy though.  So, eventually, I just left them to it.  There were no blood trails or carcasses this morning, so I assume the neighbouring feline population didn't dine on them.

Isn't it a bit late for squirrels to breed?

Hope you're having a good Saturday ...


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