Malta day 1 (photography wise)

Ok so this is technically day 2 but I'm writing about day 1.  Hmmmm ... no hold on.  It's really day 3 because I got here in the middle of the night on Saturday.  Confused?  Try being me!

Anyway.  It's warm here ... very warm.  The people are friendly and tolerant of tourists, as you'd expect in a country where tourism is the major source of income.  The best way to get around is by bus.  You can buy a 7 day pass for 13 Euros and that covers your travelling expenses for the most part.  The downside being that the buses stop running around 9:30pm in some areas and then the cabs take over.  All the buses have air-conditioning as standard - they all drive around with the passenger door open.

My initial feeling on seeing parts of Malta was that it still looks like a garrison island.  It's a big collection of forts and churches ... so many churches that they actually outnumber the branches of McDonalds on the island.

I photographed parts of Valletta and Medina yesterday.  A combination of colour and B&W images.  Part way through I stumbled onto the film set of a forthcoming film called 'The Game of Thrones'.  At least I think that was the name.  I think my memory got an upgrade from hoover to dyson - sucks big time now. 

I was very surprised to see a large shoal of fish resembling neon tetras in one of the inlets and regret not bringing the underwater housing and a wetsuit to do some marine life photography.  I'm not sure that they were neons though as the I'm assuming the Mediterranean Sea would be salty and neons are a fresh water fish from the Amazon.  Unless of course - someone released some here.

There's a distinct lack of wildlife on the island.  The migration season has started and this island is one of the stop off points for many species but I haven't been able to find out where they may be exactly.  I'm assuming that locals that are animal friendly will be keeping them a secret as around 50% of the population have a reputation for hunting (web research only so don't take the percentage as gospel).

Rain has stopped play today.  I need to go and suss out a good sheltered spot for later though as there's a thunderstorm due and it'd be cool to get some lightning shots.

Have a good one.


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