2 Minutes

This poem is dedicated to all the Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom and Allied Nations. It is especially dedicated to those that live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition that is still not that well understood in the UK and leads to further hardship for some of the brave souls that did their best for us.

2 minutes

During the 2 minutes you'll, maybe, remember some of us.
The years of silence our memories still sentence us to,
You'll forget.

The unspoken wound that can't be seen,
Carrying the memories of service,
You won't hear.

Standing tall, we'll walk by you,
Never showing the open wounds,
That cut like knives.

2 minutes later, You'll be back to your life.
2 minutes later, We'll still be trying to make sense of ours.
2 minutes later, another November morning will be forgotten.

Poem © Copyright of V Sunkmanitu 2010

So, you've had the message and the poem ... here's the song:


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