First snowfall of the winter ..

Whenever I see snow I feel uplifted.  I awoke to the sight of it covering my car and gardens.  The sun was just rising, peering between neighbouring roof tops and the sky was blue.  A perfect morning.

I cleared my neighbours path so that she doesn't slip, loaded her bird feeders and took in a some coal for her.  I don't want her risking a fall, especially at her age.

I'd love to drive out into the snow somewhere but it being a weekend - the places will be crowded.  So, I'll make do with watching it on the trees and plants in my garden.  The birds are flying in frequently for food, great tits, coal tits, blue tits, robins, thrush, blackbirds are in abundance ... as are the pesky squirrels :)  I was watching a squirrel pull off the winter jasmine flowers and eat them!  I've put some nuts out in the hope that it'll leave the flowers alone.  Seems like a fair trade ... maybe I should get a paw print on a written agreement?

I'd better edit some photos,



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