Heightened anxiety over war pension review ...

It's that time again.  I get reviewed every two years at the moment and I don't know why.  Maybe they're expecting a miracle cure that I haven't heard about yet.  We've been doing this song and dance routine for 14 years now.

It freaks me out because I know that I'll have to open up old scars and have to examine the disability in detail, which isn't good as it makes me realise where I am now in terms of coping with the disability compared to where I was 2 years ago.  There seems to be a noticeable decline.

They wanted me to go before one of their general doctors for an assessment re my symptoms and I refused.  I told them that there were enough credible reports and that if they wanted me to be examined, it would have to be by a consultant psychiatrist.  I never understood how the legal system ever allowed the word of a specialist providing you with treatment to be over shadowed by a generalist that isn't even qualified to work in mental health.

These are the traps that so many veterans fall into.  No one supports them and they fall foul of the system's traps to reduce the amount of war pensions being paid out.

Luckily, I have a welfare officer coming to help me to list my daily symptoms and another report being completed by the counsellor that looked after me for the last 2 years.

I just want it all to be over ASAP.


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