Survey - Meeting the needs of British Veterans living with PTSD


The main focus of this book (Words of a Wolf') is to raise awareness of what PTSD does to veterans and the hurdles that they face in their daily lives, as well as to offer some avenues of support.

With the current political climate of service cuts, I thought it prudent to try to get a snapshaot as to where the UK is with regards to caring for its veterans.

With this in mind, I've created an online, confidential, survey. The results will be used to present a report to relevant government departments.

I'd be greatful if you would pass the link for the survey as far and wide as possible. I need it to reach as many british veterans suffering with PTSD as possbile. If you belong to other groups/networks, please post this link.  This is relelvant in other countries too in order to reach former residents that may be british veterans.

Many thanks


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