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Activity Scheduling for depression

I don’t claim to be a therapist, but am going to speak about a therapeutic tool I have personally found helpful, and one which I still use as and when I need to, to help motivate me when I’m feeling depressed. This tool is sometimes called Activity Scheduling, and I was introduced to this tool during a course of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) some years ago. At my most depressed I found it near impossible to find the will or any reason to even get out of bed, let alone participate in regular activities. Everything seemed meaningless and daunting. What was the point? As a result I spent large parts of my time in bed as this seemed the only place that offered any sense of safety or comfort.  Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash However, as part of my course of CBT, I was encouraged to take an experimental and scientific approach to my depression. The Activity Schedule I was given to complete asked you to choose an activity and a time you would do it. You then had to rate out of ten how

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