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DAN V3.0 - Your Community Space at Tesco Bulwell Extra is changing soon

  We set up the exhibitions space in Tesco Bulwell Extra about 5 years ago and transformed it from this: To this:  a space where artists have exhibited from different part of the UK and other countries.  The venue was officially opened by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham and we kicked off a successful  programme of rolling exhibitions. Covid had made it a difficult year for art exhibitions in Tesco Bulwell Extra.  A decision was taken to suspend all art related activities such as 'Creatives Night' and 'Meet The Artists Night' in order to safeguard the members of the Disabled Artists' Network (DAN).  In addition we've been looking at how to make it easier to exhibit with DAN in terms of accessibility - not just through disability related barriers but also geographical barriers because we have an international membership. We have exhibitors from other parts of the UK, as well as Canada, Denmark, Iceland and India. We're always working on extending our membership.

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