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Looking back to move forward

The title of this post came from a caption on the front of a magazine I subscribe to. It got me thinking whether or not “looking back to move forward” is something that I have done or would advocate. At specific times, certainly, and usually within a therapeutic context. For example, I found my several times in psychiatric hospital very traumatic, and found it necessary to engage a therapist for a course of trauma therapy.  Photo by Michael Skok on Unsplash There were particular traumatic memories that were troubling me in my day-to-day life, years after the events, impairing my ability to function as I wanted to. This therapy involved deliberately and repeatedly re-running those traumatic memories from start to finish (not an easy task) with the aim of reducing the emotional charge the memories elicited. I liken it to turning down the emotional volume knob.  In the present I call upon a range of coping strategies every day to manage my mental health problems. Engaging in absorbing

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