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Project Solar

In July 2021, I hired a company to install Solar Panels on my home.  Project Solar  sent a rep round to give me the necessary information, advise me of my options and do a survey.  My roof has internal foam insulation and that was noted and photographed for the survey.  The deposit was paid, scaffolding was erected and the electrician turned up at 6am on the install day.  He had most of the external wiring completed and a circuit board installed before the roofer turned up an hour later to install the solar panels on the roof, saw the foam on the inside of the roof and said that the foam wasn't on the survey and asked me if a survey had been done.  I told him it had and that he should contact Project Solar's Installs Manager.  The roofer complained about the foam insulation and said it wasn't on the survey and that the job would take too long because he would have to crack a lot of the roof tiles to get them off the roof to install the solar panels. He then told the Install

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