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Showboating on #BlackLivesMatter - #BLM

Are you appeased by an image of a Black Lives Matter (#BLM) banner outside of a Council building?  Are you appeased by a photograph of Councillors elected from BAME communities?  Is that all it takes to win your vote?  More fool you.
These kinds of platitudes have been continually carried out over decades.
Some people are naive enough to think that publicity stunts like this underline a commitment to racial equality in the UK.  They do no such thing.
They merely point out that we have Councillors that are people of colour.  It says nothing about their voting records - which should be publicly viewable;  Nottingham City Council have a facility on their website to make this happen but they chose not to populate that part of their Councillors' profiles online.
Placing a banner before a civic building just means that there's a #BLM banner in front of a building - it doesn't mean anything more that that...but because the issue is central to many of our lives as people of colour, we…

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