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Alarm Bells Should Be Ringing In The UK And The USA About Their Leaders

If ever we needed proof that the UK and USA are governed by the 'Establishment' rather than a democratic process ... we now have an abundance of it.  When we consider the actions, comments, behaviour and lack of ability of Trump and Johnson, it's clearer than any writing on any wall; social media platforms have shown the real state of the world ... and yet there is much support for these two people in their countries.  I wouldn't trust Trump and Johnson to look after the public toilets on Trafalgar Square.  If Nelson could move his arm, he'd be slapping his forehead at the thought of it.

We should also be questioning whether the election process in both countries has been tampered with and to which degree.

The Cambridge dictionary defines the establishment as: the important and powerful people who control a country or an organisation, especially those who support the existing situation.  Potential leaders of the UK are educated in a particular way, while some of Trum…

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