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Making Politicans Accountable In The UK

  Wouldn't it be great if we could make this nation's leaders responsible and accountable?   If this was a petition, would you sign and support it?  Please share this post, it's been made public. Following the disparity and inequality in British society  the following changes will come into effect immediately: Members of Parliament will now have their pay rises determined by the public of the UK. From 2023, an online poll will appear on 1st April on the government's website for one day and the public will decide whether or not they deserve a pay rise.  If the rate of inflation is higher than 2% in any year, there will be no pay rise for MPs. MPs will resign from any directorships or other business interests.  Their sole employment will be their role as a member of Parliament; should any MP be found to be taking individual donations from anywhere, they will be dismissed for gross misconduct, these measures will help to reduce the corruption in British politics. Political

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