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JK Rowling - Not Transphobic

When someone doesn't agree with you, it doesn't mean they hate you. Your class, race, religion, sexual orientation, your attitudes and values are all what make you, you. I don't like aggressive bullies any group and some of them have way more traction than they deserve. I've been reading about the Trans issue since just before Scotland kicked off the Gender Reformation Bill.  It was a worrying piece of legislation that gave men the right to declare themselves as women without any operations or other changes. Some of these men went onto rape females because they could access their gender specific safe spaces, eg toilets, prisons etc.  Some went on to win at various sporting events because they dwarfed their female opponents...the most notable was the swimmer with a male body that went from below 400 ranking in the world to the top (rumour has it that he could use a part of his anatomy as a rudder under the right circumstances).  Worse was the giant playing in

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