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Let street art do the talking

  It is February, 2024.  Glasgow.  While waiting patiently for the street art tour guide to arrive, after about fifteen minutes realisation has hit - there is no tour happening, cancellation messages arrive too late but we have allocated a good few hours for this. There is always next time but this opens a slot for me - curiosity and unanswered questions bloom.  The following day while taking a break with oversized rucksacks in the busy city centre, with a quick glance leftwards I spotted this : the image of girls and bubbles being blown.  Not only that, there is also one opposite with a very cool image of a french bulldog. As an art lover but absolute novice at the same time I wonder and contemplate the perspective I have: the images are big, impressive, life-like and just so beautifully obvious.  There is no sense of it looking out of place or intrusive in any way.  The gritty and understated premises of this artwork at once surprises, pounces at you and remains discreet.  Contained

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