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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Environmentalism Environmentalism is an important issue for me.  While I still have to use some forms of fossil fuel based public transport, I made a decision to move towards Solar Power this year and I will be writing about my experiences in order to help you avoid the pitfalls I found. This is closely tied in with the garden project where I've been creating an environment for the benefit of local wildlife since 2008 - which allows me to do some photography at home for those times when my disabilities make it very difficult for me to leave my home.  For those of you that remember, the images for the Intimacy With Plants exhibition (2013-2014) were created in my garden.  When we consider the amount of space we take from wildlife, it's only right that we try to redress some of the imbalance by creating areas of biodiversity in our own gardens.  It's not expensive to do and the benefits are fantastic - especially if you're a photographer or some other form of artist. A wi

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