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Never ending stuff

  Have you ever thought about everything that you own?  The stuff you may have stored in your largest cupboard, the garage or attic may spill over to the point where day to day living is affected.  The stuff you just cannot give up for various reasons - it might come in handy someday or it may serve the grandchildren you are yet to have or it contains a deep sentimental value to you. Our stuff can say a lot about our personalities and provide an insight into who we are as people but more worryingly there is a mental health condition known as 'hoarding disorder' where stuff can be kept 'in a chaotic manner'. (NHS) In the more extreme cases therapy may be sought to support this.  Surely most of us are guilty of keeping some items which have no further use but for some reason it is just unthinkable to part with.  Maybe several items like this can just somehow sneak into taking up an abundance of space and lay claim to its surroundings and giving it up may be a hassle - whe

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