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Stop attacking Jewish people for Israel's crimes

I find it very sad that Jewish people are being targeted by Muslims and others because of the crimes of Israel.  I find it sad that educated people can behave in this way and risk turning members of the general public against their cause.  The main thrust against Israel is the injustice they visit upon the Palestinians through negative treatment based on racism by operating an apartheid regime. This is nothing to do with being Muslim.  This is about the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and homes by Isreali settlers that have been empowered by Israle to do this.  The other reason it isn't about being a Muslim is because most of the Muslim world in the area failed to adequately support Palestinians in the past.  The people that are making it a Muslim issue now are extremists stirring up hatred to take advantage of the situation. The whole situation is about Arabs and Jews - both of whom are defined as 'Semites' ... both of whom managed to live together peacefully in t

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