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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Bored out of my tiny little mind...

One of the problems before going on a big trip is making sure that you take sufficient equipment to cover the situations that you're likely to encounter. On average, a trip like this takes a month of preparation. The research to ensure that you're going to be able to reach the places you want to photograph, visa applications, equipment maintenance (many thanks to Gary and Daniel at Sigma for getting my lenses sorted so promptly!), the basic living/survival kit, first aid equipment, making up currency charts ( a necessity when travelling through different countries so that you don't over spend or get ripped off) and all your other travel documents (immunisation, plane tickets, passport, travel insurance etc) - and it's all finally done!

So now I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs with only toiletries to pack (usually last minute) and I always get some specific music together that's going to tie in with what I'm going to experiencing on this trip. Tunes to cheer me up when I need it or to put me in a deep sense of connection with what I'm going to be photographing.

Stroll on Tuesday morning 3am! That's when I start this journey...

Have a great Sunday.


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

September 2009 Newsletter - A time of change

A time of Change

What began as a hobby grew into a small business and has now become a stock image library with images from over 14 countries, seperated into the categories of Abstract Art, Action-Sport & Events, Nature, People-Entertainment & Culture and, of course, Travel. There is also the section containing Limited Edition Prints. In light of current developments I registered a new domain name: www.wolf-photography.com and have changed the name of the business accordingly. The new email address is: wolf@wolf-photography.com. Thank you for viewing the work and especially to those of you that have purchased prints from my site. You've helped me to carry on journeying and photograph some amazing sights and events. I hope that you'll continue to support my work and tell others about it.

During the last couple of months I've journeyed to France, photographed car races at Silverstone, attended more International Horse Trials and watched puffins on the Farne Islands off the north east coast of England. All of the new image album links are below. You will also find that new images have been added to existing albums. Any existing album that has new images will also be marked up with a red 'New' tag.

New Image albums

There are a few new albums in the collection and I've split them into the categories below.

Limited Editions

Run Like the Wind

Surfing Life


Friesian Horses


Travel Images from France:

La Nuits des Chimeres 2009

Jacques Tissot Vineyard


Saint Leger de Peyre area


Red Bull X Fighters - London 2009

2009 Bramham IHT Cross Country

2009 Bramham IHT Dressage

2009 Bramham IHT Show Jumping

Silverstone 2009 Renault World Series Eurocup Formula Renault 2

Silverstone 2009 Renault World Series Formula Renault 3.5

Silverstone 2009 Renault World Series Clio Cup

Silverstone 2009 Renault World Series Eurocup Megane Trophy

Silverstone 2009 Renault World Series

2009 Burghley IHT Cross Country

2009 Burghley IHT Dressage

I hope you enjoy viewing the images.

Please pass this newsletter on to others that you think might be interested in reading about what I do or in the images themselves.

all the best

Villayat Wolf Sunkmanitu

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Imminent adventures

A new adventure begins next week. The final preperations are taking place now and equipment is being checked and calibrated as you read this.

Keeping the weight of your equipment down is a real pain nowadays. Especially when you're travelling to an area with different climates. I need equipment for warm climes and sub-zero on this one.

I hope to try to find a system here and there while on the journey to make the odd 'blog' post, so keep an eye out for me . I'll keep the location quiet until I get there :)



Thursday, 17 September 2009

Albums are up to date

That's everything up to date on the site now. You'll find new albums in the 'Nature', 'Limited Editions', 'Travel' and 'Actions Sports and Events' areas, so feel free to explore. Just look for the albums with the red 'New' tag. Just go to www.wolf-photography.com.

I'm preparing for my next journey that'll take me to the East. I'll writie more about it when I come back.

All the best


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Corporate stuff

Everything's about image nowadays. I was in France 2 weeks ago, driving my kids around and we had a good time too.

We saw some wolves - captive I hasten to add and some wonderful scenery.

I got back home and discovered a problem with the website and had to rebuild it. So the existing blog has been replaced too and here we have a new beginning.

Give me the open road any day..as sitting on a desk just drains me :)

I hope that you're having a pleasant if not a good day.

Osprey - Nature section

Osprey - Nature section
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