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Monday, 24 January 2011

Update completed ...

The website update's been completed.  Thanks for your patience and please accept my apologies for any delays caused.

A few new albums have been added plus some new images to existing albums.




Friday, 21 January 2011

Happy Birthday ...

Her water had just broke.  She gasped in pain and put her hands protectively over her extended belly.  He looked at her, 'Are you okay?'  She smiled and said, 'The pain's sharper than the first time.  I think this one's coming quicker though we'd better hurry'.  She crumpled in pain.  He helped her sit on the chair and then got the birthing kit in the car and started it up before helping her into it.  They dropped their 2 year old son off with a friend and headed off to the hospital.

There was an urgency in her voice and the pain got sharper, the contractions closer together ... so much quicker than with the birth of their son.  It seemed as if she was having one long contraction.  He got her into the hospital and they were quickly booked in.  He helped her to the their maternity suite and then ran back down to park the car that he'd abandoned by the entrance.

When he got back up a doctor and three midwives were in the room.  Their tones hushed and looks of concern had darkened the energy in the room.  A contrast to the energy that should exist in a place that sees new life.  Her pain was sharper now, really intense.  She was having trouble breathing.  A midwife had checked on the unborn child and reported irregularities and reported that the umbilical chord was twisted around the baby's neck.  The mother-to-be couldn't push the baby out yet, the act would suffocate the baby.

The pain intensified, she started to drift away.  He watched the light start to fade in here eyes.  The doctor and midwives seemed to be panicking and unclear on the course of action.  The one midwife that was working on freeing the chord from about the baby's neck, looked up and said. 'It's free now. She can start pushing.  We need to get the baby out quickly.  If she's too tired we'll have to go for a caesarean birth'

He watched her slipping further away.  It seemed that the noise and panic being created by the doctor and other midwives was unprofessional and didn't belong here.  He looked at them, 'Get out of this room, now!'  They looked at him, stunned into silence.  'Move it!'  The remaining midwife looked at him questioningly. 'Stay and help please,' was all he said to her.  She nodded and said, 'She's dangerously tired, we may need to do something soon or you'll lose them both.'
He looked at her calmly, 'I understand', was all he said and she resumed her checks on the woman and the baby. 

He knelt by the mother-to-be and looked deep into her eyes.  She seemed to remember him through the pain and whispered, 'It hurts so much.  I'm so tired.  I just want to sleep.'
He took her hand and spoke gently but firmly to her, 'Listen to me, I know you're tired but I need you to focus.  I need you to come back to me and take some of my energy.  Keep listening to my voice.  I'm right here with you and I'm sending you my energy.  You need to fight now.'
'I can't, I'm so tired.'  She started to close her eyes.
'Wake up'  He made eye contact with her again and held to her life force and felt some of his energy flowing into her.  Her eyes opened.  'That's it', he said, 'I'm right here, feel my energy, take it, use it.  You're not giving up.  Fight.  It's time to push the baby out.  You need to start now or the baby will die.'  She looked back into his eyes and he saw her come back.  As tired as she was, she came back and fought for the unborn life inside her.  A few minutes later Laila Kesia was born and her father cut the chord between baby and mother.  That day was the 21st of January 1997.

So ended the longest hour of his life.  He let mother and baby rest at the hospital that night, picked up his son and half the street probably heard Eric Clapton blaring out of the house that afternoon.

Moon rise ...

Watching the moon has always fascinated me, particularly in the winter months.

I was watching her rise the other night, larger than life in the gap between mine and a neighbour's home.  A golden glow surrounded her as she reflected the last of the sunset and the sky became a light red and purple carpet for her to rise upon.  As she took her place the stars came to life.  Stars that I hadn't seen in such constellations for many years, not that I could name them.

It wasn't long before the frost twinkled in the fading light, encompassing all the plants and surfaces in the gardens.  It was as if the Moon were claiming the Earth as her own for a brief time, carpetting her in pure white crystals and cleansing her.

My neighbour is 88 and can't see that well but she always gasps in wonder when I get her out to see the Moon and the stars.  She always wonders whether if her husband and her son are two of the stars looking down upon her in those moments as she remembers two of the departed souls that she loves.

Be well,


Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's taking ages!!!

Redoing all the image albums is a monotonous task and it's taking me a while.  All the travel section's been updated and should be uploaded tonight before I hit the sack.  If you happen to see any missing images - please drop me an email.

The Special Editions section is done too.

That leaves Actions Sports & Events, People & Culture and the Wildlife section (which is probably as much work as the travel section).

So please bear with me re incorrect pricing.  All the prints are now unframed and the pricing has been reduced on stock image canvases.

Current pricing for printed images:

Canvas Photo Art - Special Editions - supplied unframed - these images are not available for magazine or website usage:

Single Canvas Print Size approx 24 "x36" £99.99 (GBP)

Prints from the Image Library

All images are unmounted and unframed.
Any A4 print £12.99 (GBP)
Any A3 print £22.99 (GBP)
Single Canvas Print Size approx 24 "x36" £69.99 (GBP)

Postage & Packing costs are as follows:
A4 £2.50 (GBP)
A3 £3.50 (GBP)
Canvas £10 (GBP)

A4 £10 (GBP)*
A3 £10 (GBP)*
Canvas £20 (GBP)*

*Please email before ordering, to make sure I can provide a delivery service to your country.

If you want to buy a print and the price is wrong on the actual image album - please email me on wolf (at) wolf-photography.com and let me know the image and size that you want printed and I'll generate a money request through 'Paypal' for the correct amount.

All the best


Saturday, 8 January 2011

This made me smile ...

I saw this on Facebook and I guess it's supposed to be how women assume that men 'love' or maybe where they fall in love.  Seems to me that it's wrong on both sides. :o)

Here's my version.  I guess it's my way of saying that if I love a woman, it's mind, body and soul. When I think of the lucky people that I know that are in secure, loving relationships, I imagine that this is how it is for them.  That's not to say that life doesn't present them with their hurdles ... but they seem to overcome them and keep each other going.

2011 has started off slowly.  There's a whole load of admin updates to carry out to the website owing to the change in VAT in the UK.  There's also been a change in the way that the canvas prints will be shipped out.  Everything's unframed now.  This gives the customer the option to frame things in accordance with individual taste etc.  I've also added a rough price for 'worldwide' shipping and will stick to it where possible - as long as there isn't a massive difference in the actual postage costs.

All the print prices remain the same apart from the canvas prints from the stock image library - they've been reduced to £69.99 for a 3ft canvas print.  The Special Edition canvases are still £99.99 but I've had to add postage costs to cover the rise in those costs over the last 3 years.

Current projects are as follows:  updating all the catologs on the website with the new pricing and photographing kingfishers! Oh and the second volume of poetry is half way to completion.

Hope that things are good for you and that your year has started off well.

All the best


Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 Begins!

It was a good start to the year.  I went to a salsa party and danced the old year away and the new one in.  Lately there seem to be enough people to dance with so I can avoid the 'difficult' ladies on the dance floor.  Usually I just go for the dance and not much socialising.  I just lose myself in the music, push my body to work and then leave.  There are a few people that say hello and there are a couple I can have a conversation with.  There seems to be a change now though as there's been more socialising over the last 4 or 5 dances, which is a nice change.

I met a lass that's serving in the RAF, whose birthday is on the same day as me, so we both saw our birthdays in together last night.  Her hubby's a medic in Afghanistan at the moment.  He'll be home to her soon enough though ... and safely.  When I joined up in 1981 - she was the grand age of 2!

I was driving so I didn't have a drink until I got home.  A nice polish family have moved into the close and I had a bottle of vodka in the freezer, so as their lights were on, I did a different version of invading Poland and we sat and talked and shared a drink 'til about 4am I think.  It was good to hear about their lives and their views on aspects of their life.  The guy also likes Gelnfiddich!  I can't remember who gave me the vodka - I wonder  if it was a present from my neighbour last Xmas?

Anyway, Edna's passed me a meal and I'm hungry.

Happy New Year!


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