This made me smile ...

I saw this on Facebook and I guess it's supposed to be how women assume that men 'love' or maybe where they fall in love.  Seems to me that it's wrong on both sides. :o)

Here's my version.  I guess it's my way of saying that if I love a woman, it's mind, body and soul. When I think of the lucky people that I know that are in secure, loving relationships, I imagine that this is how it is for them.  That's not to say that life doesn't present them with their hurdles ... but they seem to overcome them and keep each other going.

2011 has started off slowly.  There's a whole load of admin updates to carry out to the website owing to the change in VAT in the UK.  There's also been a change in the way that the canvas prints will be shipped out.  Everything's unframed now.  This gives the customer the option to frame things in accordance with individual taste etc.  I've also added a rough price for 'worldwide' shipping and will stick to it where possible - as long as there isn't a massive difference in the actual postage costs.

All the print prices remain the same apart from the canvas prints from the stock image library - they've been reduced to £69.99 for a 3ft canvas print.  The Special Edition canvases are still £99.99 but I've had to add postage costs to cover the rise in those costs over the last 3 years.

Current projects are as follows:  updating all the catologs on the website with the new pricing and photographing kingfishers! Oh and the second volume of poetry is half way to completion.

Hope that things are good for you and that your year has started off well.

All the best


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