Moon rise ...

Watching the moon has always fascinated me, particularly in the winter months.

I was watching her rise the other night, larger than life in the gap between mine and a neighbour's home.  A golden glow surrounded her as she reflected the last of the sunset and the sky became a light red and purple carpet for her to rise upon.  As she took her place the stars came to life.  Stars that I hadn't seen in such constellations for many years, not that I could name them.

It wasn't long before the frost twinkled in the fading light, encompassing all the plants and surfaces in the gardens.  It was as if the Moon were claiming the Earth as her own for a brief time, carpetting her in pure white crystals and cleansing her.

My neighbour is 88 and can't see that well but she always gasps in wonder when I get her out to see the Moon and the stars.  She always wonders whether if her husband and her son are two of the stars looking down upon her in those moments as she remembers two of the departed souls that she loves.

Be well,


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