Bored out of my tiny little mind...

One of the problems before going on a big trip is making sure that you take sufficient equipment to cover the situations that you're likely to encounter. On average, a trip like this takes a month of preparation. The research to ensure that you're going to be able to reach the places you want to photograph, visa applications, equipment maintenance (many thanks to Gary and Daniel at Sigma for getting my lenses sorted so promptly!), the basic living/survival kit, first aid equipment, making up currency charts ( a necessity when travelling through different countries so that you don't over spend or get ripped off) and all your other travel documents (immunisation, plane tickets, passport, travel insurance etc) - and it's all finally done!

So now I'm sat here twiddling my thumbs with only toiletries to pack (usually last minute) and I always get some specific music together that's going to tie in with what I'm going to experiencing on this trip. Tunes to cheer me up when I need it or to put me in a deep sense of connection with what I'm going to be photographing.

Stroll on Tuesday morning 3am! That's when I start this journey...

Have a great Sunday.


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