Getting ready to return

I head back to Delhi tomorrow.  I'm not looking forward to the smell of human dung that hangs in the street, the huge rubbish piles that line the streets or the high levels of carbon monoxide that hang over the city.  Yet I need to head back that way to be able to get to the airport.

I've been eating more today and my stomach is feeling a little more settled at times.  I'm more concerned about the long term effects of the pollution of Kathmandu and Delhi.  I just hope that I've got the shots I need to justify the abuse that I've put my body through.

I guess we should all check out the roots of our ancestors.  I can't see myself returning to India though.  Give me snow and ice anyday!  You can wrap up and keep warm against it...if it's 30c, you're screwed if you don't like the heat.  Air conditioning just makes things worse.

Time to turn in..



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