Multi coloured rain...

I like the dark winter mornings and afternoons. Today's is darker than most. It started off a bit brighter this morning but then darkened over the last five minutes and the rain started again. Higher humidity in this country makes the winter rain feel colder. There's a main road near the house that's screened by the trees of my garden and the ones on the road beyond. During the darker hours the traffic and street lights mutate a dull stretch of tarmac into a kaleidoscope of moving colour as the cars stream by in both directions with the odd streak of blue responding to someone's call for help.

The rain water flows down the slight hill creating a moving canvas of light, taking the colours on a journey where they merge with other layers of water, changing colours like chameleons might do at a rave fest.

The sky lightens a little more and and the canvas fades into dull tarmac, moving hunks of metal, gas and noise...a bit like Robocop on beans I guess.


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