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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Forgotten Heroes ...

Forgotten heroes

After the silence
After the stillness
After the lonely bugle has sounded

After march past
After the memories
After the door to those feelings close

They won't remember
In the halls of power
Behind their guarded mansion walls

That without your courage
They would have nothing
You who protected their lands

Whether you're in a cell
Or cardboard boxes
Or the prison of an emotional hell

Hold your head up
Wherever this day finds you
We remember your sacrifice

Poem © Copyright of V Sunkmanitu 2010

I finished this poem on the 11th hour this morning. People need to know that 15% of the prison population of this country are Veterans and while some may be there for crimes for which they've been righfully convicted, some are not - simply because they found themselves involved in circumstances whilst suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

25% of the homeless in this country are Veterans. People that served that found themselves unable to fit back in to society ... again some of which are suffering from PTSD.

Maybe you'll meet one sometime, selling the Big Issue or just an uncomfortable being that doesn't know how to share space with you because he or she is lost and alone ... maybe you'll think differently of them.

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Osprey - Nature section
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