The flu's almost gone ...

Yucky, yucky, yuck, yuck!

If you've had it this year, you'll know.  What a horrible virus!

So, at the moment I'm putting my travel insurance claim together and then hopefully getting back on track.  I hope to get some snow and ice shots before the stuff melts but spring's made an announcement - it's coming!  Actually, it's tentatively here, according to the snowdrops and crocuses that have flowered in my garden.  The look beautiful by the way. 

I ordered lots of seeds for the border in the front garden this year.  I'm going poppy mad.  The UK variety mixed in with blue Himalayan poppies and some meadow flowers.  It should look good and the poppies should keep coming back.

The poems are coming along nicely.  I'm halfway through compiling a second volume.  I've also started back on my travel photography book too.

Here's to being able to go to a salsa do somewhere this weekend  : )


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