Pain, pain ...and some more pain... and Vienna!

I had forgotten how much pain builds up in my body when I go away and shoot somewhere.  Perhaps the short term memory loss is a blessing in that respect!

I was exploring Vienna for 5 days with a friend that lives there.  So I was well looked after and could explore places at my leisure, stopping whenever I needed to.

One thing that seems to be increasingly apparent though is that where before I could walk some distance without pain, now any amount of walking is with pain.  I guess some of my body parts are complaining at the things that they've had to do over the years of work, sport and play.

I landed at Heathrow yesterday afternoon and drove striaght home, unpacked and then went to a double lesson at the dojo.  I'm paying for it today as I'm walking around like an old man in my home!

I think it'll be a sauna and some tens machine therapy later.

My friend in Vienna thought I was joking about the pain because I didn't let on.  It doesn't show on my face, especially when I'm focussed on my photography ... but then that's the thing about doing the photography - it's an escape from the PTSD and the body pain.  It puts me in a different, creative zone.

Vienna's a beautiful City.  I was surprised at how clean it is and thought that some of their ideas could be incorporated in the UK, particularly the specific dog exercise zones and free bike share facilities for citizens ... I can hear the cynical vibes about the bikes being stolen within the first few hours! :)

Some of the architecture is stunning, however I highly recommend a trip to see the Russian Church next door to the Russian Embassy.  You'll find many beautiful buildings to photograph in the city.

If you go to the parks surrounding the city zoos and have the time to spend and are lucky enough, you'll see red squirrels and woodpeckers.  I wasn't lucky enough to snap them on this trip.

If you're thinking of travelling to Vienna from the UK - the cheapest flights that I found were on

Time for salsa ... have a good evening,


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