Online PC Doctor Scam

Had a phone call like the one on this link: from a company calling themselves 'Virtual PC Doctor' from India?  DO NOT engage them in any dialogue, DON'T give them your credit card details.  DO NOT under any circumstances allow them to remotely connect to your computer.  They will try to trick you into doing this by getting you to check a system report that will show errors.  Those errors have always been on your system and it works fine, so don't be reeled in by this.

DO NOT go to a website that is http://ww

DO make a note of their name, telephone number, confirm their company name, try to find out how they got your phone number.  Ring your internet service provider (ISP), register the matter as a 'scam' and ask your ISP to investigate the matter.

If you feel that you have been taken advantage of and have given the company any of your personal details - especially credit/debit cards - you must contact your bank or building society straight away and cancel your current cards and request replacements.  You may also want to contact your local police force and lodge a complaint with them.

Please tell your friends and family about this scam straight away!

Be safe,


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