Bird Feeding issues with squirrels in the garden ...

The season's changing and autumn approaches.  A young photographer expressed his frustration at squirrels getting to the bird food on his feeders and asked for advice on how to deter them.  This might be relevant to you ... anyway, it made for a light moment as well as relelvant advice:

"I have the same problem. I got around it by using a metal bird feeding station and caged feeders. I also created a square patch under the feeders and filled it with soil so that the dropped seeds can be picked up by other birds (no cementing necessary - just push a few breeze blocks together and put the soil in. It should look lovely with sunflowers in the summer).

Re the feeders - you can try these: for peanuts (I hammer my nuts to make it easier for the birds to get at them) (no double entendre intended here! Plus I wouldn't refer to women as birds and I don't want to hear about a young man at Casualty/ER with a hammer and bruised body parts!). for other seeds including sunflower seeds.

For fatballs - I found a similar cage but put a thinner container inside it to stop the squirrel getting to the fat balls in case they transfer anything harmfull through their saliva when eating.

The squirrels leave my feeders alone now."

Good luck ;)


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