Cold day...

The temprature's definitely been more like autumn or even mild winter today.

I spent my time between watching and photographing fallow deer at Wollaton and Kingfishers.  It was agony though as the accupuncture makes the pain worse before settling it to a managable level.

I was watching 'One Eye' fight another stag. They walked around together, side by side, but every now and then one of them would initiate an attack. The antlers of a Fallow Deer can be just as deadly as a Red Deer when you watch how they use them. After the fight they simply walked back to the herd together and One Eye carried on bellowing at the other deer and keeping the stags away from his harem.

I had 5 sightings of the Kingfisher today but it didn't settle long enough for me to get a shot.  Fingers crossed for next time.

I've spent the evening plugged into a TENS machine which helps a lot.  I must remember to take some hand warming pads out if I head out tomorrow.  I'm hoping to be able to train at the dojo on Friday.

Bon nuit,


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