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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring is definitely here ...

I felt good today as I looked out over my garden and saw the blue tits take up residence in their usual breeding box.  The female is already in the box and the male is passing her food.

I also saw two robins. I'm assuming one  of each sex as they were both fully grown with their adult feathers.  One would grab some mealworm from one of the feeders and pass it to his lady and then go back for more gifts.  Very quaint.

There's a lovely array of colour in the garden and I'm very pleased to report that the plants, shrubs and trees have all survived, although some seem a little battered by the frost.  The cherry blossom is in bloom and buds are present on both cherry trees, the apricot and the apple tree. 

The roses have started climbing again, as has my favourite climber whose name I have forgotten!

Looking forward to some beautiful scents this season.


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Osprey - Nature section
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