Misuse of Armed Forces Personnel ...

Have you served in the armed forces of the UK or the USA?

Have you ever been in a position where you had doubts about your duties or the reason for your presence in an area of operations?  I know I did  ... and that it lead me to eventually leave the armed forces.  My particular area of concern resulted from inconsistencies between our over all objective in Northern Ireland and the actions that some of my senior officers took on the ground.  A lot of this is covered by the Official Secrets Act, so it isn't prudent for me to elaborate further.  But ... it leaves a feeling of doubt and if you were an intelligent operative, you may have made certain observations for yourselves ... and come to certain conclusions.

What's my point?  I have often felt that 'Democracy' is a toy ... a lie given to the masses to make you feel that you have a say in what happens in the world;  that there is very little 'free' and honest press on the Earth that isn't controlled by commerce and governments; and that we as members of the armed forces (people that believe in values such as honour and truth) that were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, were lied to.

We were used to further political and material causes where warfare wasn't the last option.

It therefore saddens me when I sit amongst other Veterans and hear the hatred and racism hurled at soldiers etc from countries that we have been in conflict with.  I will now qualify the term soldier from my perspective:  a person that wears a uniform, conducts him/herself in accordance with certain legal frameworks (eg the Geneva Convention, Human Rights and International Law) and isn't a blood thirsty bully but rather can exercise an element of self control and perhaps show mercy in appropriate circumstances.  The truth of it is that the soldiers from the other side were probably lied to as well.  We were all 'cannon fodder' which probably explains why we're treated so badly in the UK if we have the audacity to fight the daily fight against conditions like PTSD.  We're stigmatised, ostracised, isolated and left unsupported ... and should we have the courage to keep fighting that internal battle and walk tall ... they'll say, 'there's nothing wrong with him/her.'

If you're a Veteran and you have hatred in your soul for other soldiers as defined above, you need to let it go.  If it needs a place to sit, it should be with the politicans that sent us to war when war wasn't the only option ... and when lies were told to justify certain invasions.

The situation in Palestine is a good eye opener if you want to learn more about foreign policy or bullying on an international scale.  A situation that should have been resolved years ago ... yet is still allowed to continue because of politics and secret deals in the halls of power.

The deaths and wounds of every combatant and civillian killed in wars are the responsibility of the governments that caused them ... and should be burned into their conscience.

This video is very enlightening - it filled in a few gaps for me and made sense of internal feelings and experiences as a Veteran.  I hope that you will watch it and come to realise that all is not as it seems in the 'democratic world' and that commercialism is a bigger threat to the stability and survival of the free world than terrorism.

From my own experiences I can add that the USA sent a lot of funding into Northern Ireland via NORAID while President Reagan declared America's war on terrorism.  Was any of that money used to fund acts of terrorism?  You can find out if you really want to ... you just have to dig a little.

Nothing is as it seems in the world of politics ... and we, the casualties, battle on for understanding and acceptance.

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