Macro Photography ... a whole new world ...

Have you ever tried any Macro Photography?  I've done some Plants but Insects are a passion!  They're so diverse in form and the way that they move.  Things that crawl, walk, fly, slide, undulate!

The colours and forms can be very attractive.

If you find something static, a tripod is a must.  Ideally, you want a good lens with a matched flash ring - even in daylight.  However, even the macro settings on bridge cameras can get you decent shots.

The real challenge is getting a moving object such as some sort of fly - bees etc.  You never know how long you have to take the shot.  The subject might hover for a second or two, could land on a plant or flower ... or could just fly off in a random direction.  It can take hours!  It's worth persevering though because you might get a really good shot that you're happy with.

I wouldn't recommend using any sort of lure to bait them - Eg sugar water etc as you'll probably end up killing the insect.  We should observe with respect and not interfere in their diet etc.

Faces of insects are a real challenge.  I got a shot of the face of a Damsel Fly and I was wondering what it was thinking as we sat and examined each other.  Intelligence and curiosity go hand in hand.  I felt I was being observed as much as the subject.

These opportunities may exist in your own garden.  All you need is plants, flowers and water.  It's easy to set up an Eco-garden for the purposes of photography.  More on that later.

Have a lovely weekend.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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