Urgent! Time to act to help the Earth ... 24 hours to go until Europe decides pollution levels!

We are facing the biggest planetary crisis of our time. Unless we act now coral reefs will be gone forever, polar bears will only be in zoos, and our kids will live in a flooded and scorched mess of a planet. It is a terrible, real, and dangerous possibility.
But we created climate change, and if we act now, there is another future, where people flourish and our cherished animals, lands and oceans are safe. In 24 hours, Europe will be the first region to announce its cuts to the pollution causing this crisis. If they set weak goals, we are in trouble, but if they are bold, then mega polluters, like China and the US, will be pressured to follow.

Shockingly, with just days to go, European officials are caving to the oil and coal industry's demands to keep contaminating. It's up to us to change the stakes before it is too late -- let's all send a message now to the EU President Barroso and demand he puts our planet before the profits of a few. Click below to send an urgent message:


The EU is setting its climate policy until 2030. Experts and scientists are clear that if Europe decides on a strong set of goals that reduce pollution by half, improve energy efficiency, and trigger a clean energy revolution this would be enough to get other countries to sign up to a global climate deal in Paris next year. They say that is our last chance to save the planet.   

The stakes are so high that it feels insane that officials would not do everything in their power to act, but the dirty energy industry has a strong hold on our politicians and their lobbying is threatening to push Europe into a dangerously low ambition

Insiders tell us that the European Commission President Barroso will have the last word. He does not want big political fights as he’s reaching the end of his term in office, but he does want to leave behind a legacy that will propel him into another big global appointment. Let's tell him that what he does now will make or break his and the rest of the world's future! Send him a message now:


Last year was another bumper year for extreme weather -- new highs, new lows, everything was off the charts. And already in 2014 we’ve had record floods, a polar vortex, and extreme heat. We’re running out of time. Our voices have been a wake up call to climate officials for years, now its up to us to urgently remind the Europeans of their responsibility to act to save the world.

With hope and determination,

Alice, Meredith, Iain, Julien, Ricken, Lisa, Christoph and the entire Avaaz team


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