Wolf Photography's Special Edition Prints are now Limited Editions

I've been umming and ahhhing over this decision for a while and it seems the right time to do it.

The exhibition 'Living with PTSD' has been a success in terms of raising awareness and getting the issues across to people and organisations with open ears, hearts and minds.  So it's a celebration of sorts that I'm launching myself back into the Limited Editions market. 


I used to sell limited edition prints in Cornwall but I let those ranges slip a few years ago when I was retired on ill health.  It seemed too much work at the time but I've now set up an easier system that should allow me to do the necessary monitoring and recording.

Shades of Grey

It's been a tough year for various reasons; the exhibition work has been demanding, as has the necessary networking.  I have had to self assess continually over this period as by the time the last exhibition shows this year - the rolling exhibitions will have lasted just over a year.  It's time for some self-preservation and I feel the need to escape more into wilderness areas.

Symbol of Love

I'll continue to run 'Intimacy with Plants' alongside talks and presentations over PTSD awareness, photography, ecology and IP rights but the main exhibition - 'Living with PTSD' will have its last showing in Nottingham (please see http://wolf-photography.com/html/exhibition_schedule.html).  The project will keep using the title 'Living with PTSD'.

Intimacy with Plants 03

Anyone that has already purchased a 'Special Edition' canvas will have their automatically upgraded to a 'Limited Edition' and will be emailed with their print number.  All Limited Editions are limited to 50 copies.

For those of you wishing to purchase a print from the current exhibition at Snibston Discovery Museum and the last exhibition at Nottingham - you will be able to purchase them at the cheaper exhibition price and they will be automatically upgraded to Limited Edition Prints as a way of thanking you for supporting the project.

Final Exhibition Invite

Please remember that this is a Not-for Profit project and that funds generated will be used to allow me to continue working on my art as well as working to raise awareness of PTSD in civilians and veterans alike.

I would like to thank all of the organisations and individuals that have helped to date and I hope that you will continue to interact with the project, as the work will go on.


Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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