DAN V3.0 - Update - Power Sockets Done!

 Great news - Scott Draycott, Manager of Tesco Bulwell Extra, arranged for the necessary power sockets to be installed and the job was completed yesterday.

Various applications have been made for local and national funding.

We've been fundraising for 2 weeks now and have just under £4,000; that's a third of the way towards purchasing the 12 screens (total price £12,244).  We then have to fund the IT infrastructure; an aditional £6,120.

You can read the updated document on: http://www.wolf-photography.com/downloads/ACEDANV3.0.pdf.

If you'd like to chuck a fiver in the kitty and ask your friends to do the same, we'd be very grateful.  The link for that is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/funddan.  Every little counts, right?

Stage 2 is being carried out by Concept Painting Contractors.

The paint has been donated by Brewers Decorator Centres and Dulux.  Many thanks to them.


Keep an eye on the Facebook page or visit the website for more frequent updates.


Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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