What is it?  A cool utility that lets you display your photos as animated videos and  it's VERY simple to do.  It has other features too that are great for marketing but I prefer the arty side of it. 

Step1 - import your image and resize it.

Step 2 - add anchors to the areas that you want to remain static.

Step 3 - put the directional arrows in wherever you want to see movement in your image and adjust the speed.  You can preview your progress by hitting 'Play' on the top right.

If you're working on a complex video, remember to 'Save' the project.

When you're ready, just hit 'Size' and decide on your resolution.  Then just click 'Publish' and you'll have an MP4 file ready to use anywhere.

I'm using these videos at our Digital Exhibition at Tesco Extra, Jennison Street, Nottingham, UK NG6 8EQ.  It's a cool way to put some movement into a static image.

Here's the first set of clips I've made:  They'll be a regular feature at the venue.

If you'd like to exhibit with us, download the application pack at:

All the best.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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