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In July 2021, I hired a company to install Solar Panels on my home.  Project Solar  sent a rep round to give me the necessary information, advise me of my options and do a survey. 

My roof has internal foam insulation and that was noted and photographed for the survey.  The deposit was paid, scaffolding was erected and the electrician turned up at 6am on the install day.  He had most of the external wiring completed and a circuit board installed before the roofer turned up an hour later to install the solar panels on the roof, saw the foam on the inside of the roof and said that the foam wasn't on the survey and asked me if a survey had been done.  I told him it had and that he should contact Project Solar's Installs Manager.  The roofer complained about the foam insulation and said it wasn't on the survey and that the job would take too long because he would have to crack a lot of the roof tiles to get them off the roof to install the solar panels. He then told the Installs Manager he wasn't going to do the job.  The electrician removed the wiring from the walls of the house, covered the hole he made in the soffit board and removed the circuit board and he and the roofer left my premises.  

I phoned the Project Solar Installs Manager straight away and asked him what was going on.  He said the job was cancelled.  I asked him to confirm this to me in an email and ensure my deposit was returned to my account ASAP.  He never confirmed anything by email and I wasn't able to contact him again by phone.  It took a couple of weeks of complaining to get  responses from their customer relations team.

Their sales rep turned up in the meantime and said he could recommend a roofer who would do the panels for £500 and then he could get Project Solar to continue with the job.  I refused as I wanted one company to be responsible for the whole job, otherwise complications could arise if something happened to the roof.  He then tried to get me to buy the batteries only.  I refused.

Project Solar eventually paid back the deposit but didn't offer any apology for what they had done.

"Further to the above Project Solar UK are within our rights to cancel the agreement, should we find we are unable to install the system as per the contractual agreement. On this occasion, we have attended and found we are unable to install the system due to your roof type. We have therefore confirmed we are unable to install the system and refunded your deposit at the earliest possible opportunity. There is no breach of contract in this matter, as we have pulled the installation, prior to any works being carried out. We are well within our rights to do this. 

As confirmed above our records show the refund of the deposit to have been made on the 3/9/21. However should you still; believe this not to have been carried out, please do not hesitate to email my colleague Ellie May, who carried out the transfer and will have more information on this matter. 

Project Solar UK reject all claims of any type of contract breach and can confirm the agreement to be now cancelled. 

Kind Regards,

Customer Resolutions Manager."

Project Solar's website states, " Project Solar UK Ltd

Why We Are the Best...

Not only are we the largest and most experienced installer of solar across the UK, but we also offer an unrivalled service to our happy customers, supported with outstanding warranties and we offer the worlds leading energy products in the market today, so you’re in safe hands!"

Are Project Solar reputable?  I'll let you decide.

Villayat Sunkmanitu

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