Making Politicans Accountable In The UK

 Wouldn't it be great if we could make this nation's leaders responsible and accountable?  

If this was a petition, would you sign and support it?  Please share this post, it's been made public.

Following the disparity and inequality in British society  the following changes will come into effect immediately:

Members of Parliament will now have their pay rises determined by the public of the UK.

From 2023, an online poll will appear on 1st April on the government's website for one day and the public will decide whether or not they deserve a pay rise.  If the rate of inflation is higher than 2% in any year, there will be no pay rise for MPs.

MPs will resign from any directorships or other business interests.  Their sole employment will be their role as a member of Parliament; should any MP be found to be taking individual donations from anywhere, they will be dismissed for gross misconduct, these measures will help to reduce the corruption in British politics. Political parties will no longer be permitted to accept donations of any sort; you will serve your country as a vocation, just as others in various roles in society do.

The subsidised restaurants in the commons will be shut down.  MPs will have to get their lunch like the rest of us.

Expenses for second properties of any sort will be terminated.  There will be no more expenses claims for MPs. If you can't afford to travel to a work meeting  you can do business over the phone or by video like the rest of the country.  If you have difficulties living within your means, a mentor dependent on Universal Credits will be assigned to you for assistance.

Any blunders in contracts issued to businesses will be deemed as gross misconduct, as will any breeches of the Ministerial Code.  Any MP breaching any UK legislation shall have committed gross misconduct; we want our leaders to lead by example.

Like the rest of us, any MP found to have committed an act of gross misconduct, shall be dismissed from their post.

MPs will no longer be permitted to use the term 'honourabe' when talking about or addressing each other, as it is clear that many of them are dishonourable and care little for the vulnerable in society.

MPs will conduct  themselves in an adult manner during sessions in Parliament.  They will not talk over each other, partly because we need them to behave as responsible adults and partly because  people with certain disabilities cannot follow the debate.

These changes are the tip of the iceberg and are being put in place to improve the attitude, bearing and morality of their collective.

Like the rest of the  country, MPs future in politics will be determined by their annual if the country is in a financial mess with high inflation, poor community support or communities having  issues unaddressed, public health issues, any form of discrimination or bullying, poverty, education, environmental or related issues; this includes the safety of the safety of the general public, physically and mentally. 

MPs will also ensure that the public and themselves are policed fairly and without persecution.  They will also ensure that we do not involve ourselves in any wars in other nations; our armed forces may only be used to defend our country from attack and we must not have a presence in other countries, apart from training exercises and liaison in humanitarian missions.  Furthermore they will work with other nations towards nuclear disarmament.  Any MP complicit in involving our nation in any illegal or immoral military engagement, will be prosecuted as a war criminal.

The freedom of the press will be underlined and, providing the reports are true, no journalists will be prosecuted for bringing serious issues to light.

Any promises made by  way of political manifestos will be honoured  by  the government of the day; failure to do so will result in gross misconduct and be punishable as earlier stated.

These are the general conditions that the rest of the country work under, so you must do the same.

Villayat Sunkmanitu

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