My View On Global Warming

My feeling is this:

The Earth is a living being.  She has her her seasons...but her Springs, Summers, Autumns and Winters take millions of years, if not billions of years to progress.  Humans haven't lived long enough on the planet to know anything about such we guess at things and the scientific community sometimes gets it wrong...and there are times when they get it right, but governments will ignore them for fears of negative effects on profits.

Oil, water, gas and other things serve  purpose within the Earth and take billions of years to create but humans are removing them all at alarming rates and then wonder why we have more natural disasters. They view these incidents in isolation, rather than looking at the Earth as a whole being and understanding that what you do to her in one area will, at some stage, have an effect somewhere else; if you drain the blood from a human's right arm, or reduce the supply of oxgen, it affects the whole being, not just the arm that was bled or the lungs that were limited.

The current level of C02 in the atmoshpere is 0.4%.  It can't drop below 0.2% or all the plants on the Earth die.

I think we're moving from winter to spring and nothing that we try to do will affect the Earth.  She will do what she has to do.  People that can sense energy, can feel the life force of the Earth, it's  the same energy that runs through our Universe and beyond.  We are of the Earth, like every other creature alive here.

Science has proven that if we try to recklessly interfere with the various weather systems, a change on an African desert will have a negative change for weather over parts of the USA.  Everything is  connected, as the Native Americans say.

The effects of global warming will be felt by every living being on the Earth...everything.

There are things that governments can do to help other creatures and beings on the Earth but they won't...because businesses will lose revenue.  If we were serious about global warming, we would do the following:

Restrict human populations.  We are a plague on the planet and we cause mass extinctions of animals and plant life.  We keep taking land mass away from so many species and drive them to extinction.   Those South American forests that are the lungs of the Earth are being cut down for financial greed. Just as we control the Wolf population in North America after the successful reintroduction at Yellowstone, we need to control how many humans come on the planet and we need to be made to live in harmony with other beings.  This will reduce working populations in all countries but we can allow migrant workers to flow within markets and use the whole planet's human population.

Work on the inventions of people like Tesla instead of being led by corporate greed.  Free electricity IS available for's the profiteers that want it unavailable.

Euthanasia must be legalised globally.  A religion must not be allowed to dictate on this.  I see care homes full of elderly people that are alone and don't want to be there.  I see others that don't even know they're here anymore.  Just as we have DNRs for people, we must give them the right to leave or make a direction in writing to be able to leave when certain conditions are met...which they decide when they're well

Do real recycling with products, particularly plastic.  Investigations from various sources in the UK have shown that a lot of councils take away materials from the separate recycling bins at our homes...but don't actually recycle them.  They just empty most of it on existing landfills.

Limit cars to 1.4 litre engines.  We don't need any more than that.  Find the right level of restriction for trucks.  Stop forcing the Electrical Vehicle agenda because the infrastructure isn't in place for the UK and USA and the cost of a battery replacement is way too high.  Work instead on building in solar panels to the whole body of the car and making it self powering. Cars use fuel to drive  engines and alternators to power/charge batteries that run the electrics.  There is no reason why an EV can't do the same...and find other  ways to make batteries that are safer and more easily replaceable.

Fit free solar panels on every roof top.  The new generations of panels are photovoltaic,  they don't need direct sunlight. Recycle materials to make them...there are enough innovations out there to make this happen.  Then electricity would be free because we would generate far more than we could store.

Bottom line: my feeling is that we can't do anything about Global Warming.  It will continue.  All we've done is accelerate the process.  I made my own personal sacrifices:  I had the snip after 2 kids and I reduced the days I have beans on toast, so I fart less.

The UK is preparing things like the existence of 15 minute cities...apparently you'll  be able to get everything you want within 15 minutes of your home.  What about workers that have jobs outside of their local area? I feel it will lead to further breakdowns in family units, thus allowing the government to continue its divide and conquer method of ruling this nation.  It's unrealistic and it will prove to be discriminatory...and it will fail.

 There is so much that is happening in the UK under the guise of reaching Net Zero re carbon emissions...that has more to do with profitability and enforcing control rather than responsibility.

If you ever had doubts about freedom of speech and democracy being a reality, we're now on a cliff edge as a nation...and outside of 15 minute cities, having a digital currency system will be the biggest shift towards the loss of freedom in the UK; the UK will turn into one big island prison.

Villayat Wolf Sunkmanitu 

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