Managing Your Post - Mental Health

 Have you ever been in a situation where you've opened a letter and gotten totally stressed out over the content ... and you opened the letter on a Friday afternoon?

Why do it?!  I have a rule - I don't open my weekly post after Friday mornings.  I will leave that post until the next normal working day (Mondays or Tuesdays if there's been a Bank Holiday).  It saves me getting stressed over a number of days where contact isn't possible with the organisation concerned.

If you're expecting something positive to turn up - dive in, otherwise, perhaps contemplate leaving it?

This won't stop someone emailing you news etc but if you worry about post related to your disabilities and need support to deal with such issues, you may find this suggestion useful.  Give it a go and see if it helps.  If it doesn't, carry on as normal.

Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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