AI use of data is theft and breaches Copyright law

With more organisations and people turning to AI in Creativity, it's clear that there needs to be improved legislation in place to protect the industry, which in the UK has always been undervalued, against Intellectual Property theft.

When you launch code to to store works of any nature, from another person's website, in order for it to be used elsewhere, by others, for the purpose of creating income, you've already breached Copyright law. To do it on such a large scale is further proof of the decline in morals, when money and big business clash with artists of various types.

The USA, at the moment, seems to be partially on the side of the creative...the UK seem to be happy to support the theft of creatives but then the UK have been doing that since Orphan Works legislation was introduced.

When software downloads your images without your consent on a large scale for the purpose of allowing others to use them, again without your consent, it's not scraping - it's theft.  

There's also no regard for the implications of the creative's mental health. Can you imagine how it would feel to know that work that took you time, effort and money to create, has been stolen and reused in the blink of an eye?  Especially where people are using some form of creativity to cope with their disabilities?

The issues are wide ranging and could be dire for creatives with mental health issues. 

If you want to use someone else's work in this way, only do it by requesting permission. Downloading whole pieces of work and recycling them is theft. It's big businesses way of cutting out the lowest ranks of creatives that they would otherwise have to pay for the use of their content. 

Villayat Wolf Sunkmanitu 

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