A recap of resilience


It feels as if there is a specifically mixed cocktail of documentaries to choose from this year if this is your thing.  A neat choice of carefully filmed personal stories about a famous few.  Curiosity got the better of me and so I started to watch such a documentary half expecting to not get past the first episode but I did.

I wonder who benefits more: the subject - the filmed people themselves or us as spectators taking an interest in the aspects of their lives which they choose to share.  Watching as a viewer who is fascinated with psychology and human nature the word which came to mind was 'resilience' which may be a bit of a buzzword right now.

The high pressure and expectations that can be placed upon a certain few would test any resilience.  What is quite remarkable is that even a short time ago 'mental health' and 'well being' was not as much of a talking point as it is now.  It is as if with age, permission to talk, to discuss and reveal that yes, all was not well, was a bolted door that needed to be opened.

On the one hand it is touching to see people opening up and allowing a context to surround their story, giving it meaning and sense.  On the other hand we as a viewer can see that their career path/vocation is ultimately causing the pain if not directly then it eventually takes its toll.

Sadness, empathy and surprise wash over me during these few hours - of course the people filmed are only human with what that brings; fragility, vulnerability and ambition but at the same time they are seeking their gratification, work satisfaction and goals which seem to come at a high price.  Mental states, crisis and character are put to question as the workaholic or arguably thrill seeker wants to reach new horizons.

Admiration and respect rule over the adoration and invasion of personal space - as it unfolds, these people after the height of their career have reached a different place: a place of maturity and reflection and some of their descriptions shed light into the resentments that can grow so quickly.  How the general public can react so differently with potentially a warm response while one of anger also lingers and disappointment when things are not going quite as well.

Resilience and bouncing back are tools which are essential as what life throws is not always kind but it is something which needs to be looked after.  Nourishing and protecting that part of us should be essential as we are all fickle and infallible at times and need to feel this inner strength which reminds us that we can and have coped with adversity during life.

Maybe the great divide is not so great as even with wealth, a voice and recognition we all face the same hurdles: no one gets off lightly when it comes to grief, relationships and loss.  We are all chasing our own normality in a way but it is right there within us and maybe we should slow down, observe and accept that we are all enough for ourselves.

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