Beware of the rising tide of Islamaphobia being generated by UK Politicians

We can see hatred being stirred up against Muslims because of the protests going on against Israeli genocide in Palestine.

Stay alert to the manipulation of both Labour and the Conservatives.  This all highlights how fickle British democracy really is. It's the same operation: spread lies to divide the population and continue an illegal action by supporting Israel.

Don't be fooled. Also remember that just because a politician isn't White, it doesn't automatically follow that they're not racists.

The protests supporting a ceasefire in Palestine are bringing people together from different ethnicities, different faiths, different political ideologies and different countries and they're doing it peacefully....and that is what politicians that allied themselves to Israeli genocide fear.  Public opinion is against them, so the dirty tricks begin.

Those of us that are over 50 years old have seen this happen time and time again in the course of our lives.

Don't allow politicians to divide us.  Don't allow politicians to create hatred and violence through media manipulation. Keep protesting peacefully any way you can.

To better understand 'racism', please read this piece.

Please watch this video from DDN about what is happening right now in British Politics:

The truth behind the scaremongering is that the British public have woken up to exactly what is being done in our name.  This has nothing to do with protecting MPs or democracy.  If it did and really had something to do with the safety of MPs, it would have happened a long time ago.  I believe this is an overreaction to subvert real democracy, a reaction to the shouts for making our politicians accountable to us.

Whenever the British citizenry are united on a given issue, across the political spectrum , it's the best time to witness the actions of the establishment:  the left wing and the right wing are parts of the same entity.  Democracy is a toy given to the masses to fool them into thinking they have a say in what goes on in society ... but when real democracy does happen, when people get together to challenge their governments or act in unity against a travesty of justice, such as the genocide in Gaza, the left and the right wings close ranks and bully their members to toe the line.

Those of you that witnessed the shameful way that the SNP Ceasefire motion was hijacked and watered down in February 2024, had front row seats on the shambles that is Parliament.

Stick together and bring about the core changes that you want to see happen, peacefully.

Villayat Wolf Sunkmanitu

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