Ever heard a wolf howl?

Have you ever heard a wolf howl in the night? The silence gives way to it's voice and the sky carries the echo forward. It becomes a song when joined by other members of the pack; the different pitches becoming a kaleidosope of sound that is both colourful and full of meaning on different levels.

'This is my land and these are the members of the pack', says the alpha.  'I will feed them, care for them and lead them well.  I will raise good cubs with she who is my mate and our line will go on through the ages, always remembering our ancestors and passing on our learning.

If you come near us, come in a good way, with peace in your heart.  Do not come with darkness in your heart or we will fight you.  Come with an open heart and a good light within you and we will let you run with us.  We will teach you things that you may not yet know.'

The other members of the pack send their subtle messages around the alpha.  Echoing his call with their variations, demonstrating their individuality within but reinforcing the message of the pack.

Wolves and people were the same:  they care for their young, they feed the extended family, they socialise with their family, they mate for life, they keep order within the pack, they pass on the values of the pack to the young, they defend the family.  Humans used to be the same before the material age took a hold.  We seem to have lost our way as humans, wolves still hold true to their values.

Protect wolves and learn from them as some of the tribes did.  Find good organisations that actually, physically help wolves rather than joining organisations that just recycle words.  Do some research with the organisations involved before donating money and make sure it'll help wolves rather than line the pockets of humans.  Nature has a way of culling things that go out of balance.  Who culls the humans that continually invade more and more wilderness every year, pushing wildlife away from feeding and mating grounds?  Humans are supposed to be the custodians of the planet by virtue of our abilities not the ones that continually rape the Earth's resources and destroy other species.

check out:  http://www.wolvesandhumans.org/how_to_help_pages/wolf_research_russia.htm and find a way to help people like Vladimir Bologov do their invaluable work?

SnowMoon Wolf

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