Preperations for the beginning of another year...

I sometimes feel the need to find a pair of mystical brakes that will slow down time for me...but then sometime I think 'sod it - tuck in your elbows and knees and go with the flow'.  That's how this year's ending and the next one's beginning for me.

I'm currently compiling a book of my poetry and wolf images.  I want it ready for early January.  All of the images will be in black and white and the book will be small - pocket size.  I want to keep the price as low as possibe.  It's looking like it's going to be a self-publishing effort via one of the online sites.  It feels right that it should be completed now and be ready and published before the exhibition kicks off.  I'll be doing more preparatory work on the exhibition in the new year when people are back at their desks.

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for putting the word out about my website and to ask you to start looking for venues in your area that would be interested in holding an exhibition that seeks to help veterans and their families in some way.  If you know gallery owners etc and can help, please get in touch?  My details are on both my profile here and on my website.

As the year draws to an end my yearning to find some powder snow to play in increases.  :o)

Somewhere deep inside I sense that the seeds sown from introspection in autumn are beginning to germinate and take on some form of reality and it both scares and excites me in the same breath.  I find myself wondering if other people that have shared their personal feelings through their creativity felt similarly.

This year's new year celebration will be a salsa dance in Nottingham.  I hope that you have fun with your celebrations, whatever form they take, if any, and that 2010 is a wonderful and joyous time for you.  Look to the full Moon tomorrow night and know that I'll have sent a thought after you...

Happy New Year

SnowMoon Wolf

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