The unsung heroes of the year....

As Christmas approaches and the winds of the North hold us in an arctic grip, annually, my thoughts turn towards the people that provide a service to me that I may not be able to thank..simply because I don't see them.

I don't always see my posty, Phil.  Really nice bloke;  the guys that work on taking my rubbish away week after week;  the people that come and read my meters for the gas and electricity bills;  the local cops that keep our streets safe and the highway patrol officers respond to emergencies;  the people keeping our roads clean;  the people dropping stuff on the road on the icy days and nights to help us drive safely;   the various couriers that bring parcels to my house; the firefighters and ambulance crews that help us when we need them; the decent doctors and nurses that are professionally competent; the caring staff at various treatment centres that look after people on a range of care issues; and anyone else that I haven't mentioned that I haven't personally been able to wish a Merry Christmas.

There's one particular group though that I would love to thank the most:  the people that keep sending me emails, showing me just how much they care about my sexual health.  They REALLY care!  Something to me last longer, something to make my dick bigger and it's all guaranteed.  I mean - which guys doesn't need a bigger dick, right?  Women are always telling us that we think with it, so if it's bigger, we juuuust might be able to shove a bit more grey matter in the head.  Now I KNOW why the guys with really huge dicks faint when they get a hard on - it wasn't because the organ was stealing a lot of blood from the system - it was the sudden rush of extra thoughts, ideas, awareness!  Think of the thoughts you could think with a bigger dick?!  I feel a jingle coming on.

Does it then follow that a man who has a gender changing operation has undergone a labotomy in his effort to become a member of the fairer sex?  Relax ladies, it was just an idle thought and without the aid of an erection.

I wish you all, readers and non readers of this blog, a time of peace, contemplation, love and whatever you wish yourselves for a better, safer, friendlier life.  Spare a thought for the planet and our cousins in the wilderness too eh?

Have a good one.  :o)


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