Another day ...

I'm sat lost in the fog of generated by the recent trip to Cairo - 6 days of no sleep and walking in the heat to photograph the various sites of the city and its surrounding areas. 

My body craves food at the moment but I'm being careful as I don't want to go the other way with regard to food intake - having had very little food in Cairo.

Some of the hunger is that seasonal trigger that my body presses to insulate a little for the winter.  My body knows that I always try to get to some snow and ice ... so it's preparing for the cold.

Today was a day of mixed emotions.  I'm still decorating my bathroom and the builders have been in again to do the last bit of garden wall in the front - which should be finished tomorrow.  I always feel a little invaded when work people are around and I get very stressed when they leave mess behind.  When I got back home from Cairo, the first thing I did was scrub the bathroom floor as the builders had left wet brick dust and rubbed it into the floor.  Added to that they managed to crack 2 bathroom tiles and chip my new bath.  So I'm not best pleased with them at the moment ... but it's best to let them finish their work altogether before we have a reckoning regarding the damage.

I was also interviewed re my book today by BBC Radio Nottingham ( and was greatful that the interviewer was sensetive to my needs.  There wasn't enough time to raise awareness of the fact that the funds from book sales will go towards putting on a National Exhibtion though and that 25% of any profits will go the creative arts area of the Occupational Therapy unit at Combat Stress.

I also setup a private blog today for my my son, daughter and myself, so that we can share thoughts and feelings with each other.  My daughter wrote some poetry recently and my son sent me a short story.  I was impressed by both of their efforts, so much so that I hope they will both continue writing something in some way, so as to maintain and develop that skill.

My thanks to those of you that dropped me an email when you couldn't see the links to my 'Bio' and 'Blog' on my website.  I disable them when travelling to countries that the Home Office list as a high risk of terrorist activity.  I travel as a journalist then and no as a 'Veteran'.  The links are enabled again.

My eye lids are heavy and I feel the darkness of the den calling.  Time for the wolf to sleep ...


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