Hectic Tuesday ...

The bathroom was finally tiled and all the bits and pieces attached to the walls.  I had just enough time to shave and change before the taxi arrived to begin the journey to Cairo.

Things went smoothly until I got to Heathrow Airport.  I went to use the loo for a number one situation but my zip handle/lever/tag (?) came apart in my fingers and I couldn't undo the zip AND I had about 20 minutes before the flight started boarding!  The security team came to the rescue.  A bloke lent me his leathermans tool - but the clasp broke completely.  A female security operative gave me her key ring, so I could thread it through the little hole ... it was hard going.  The following conversation took place: 'I can't get it in,' I said with a grin, 'I might need a hand.'  She replied, 'Is it too big?'

I said, 'It's tight, can you help me get in?' The three of us cracked up laughing, I walked off and managed to take a leak and then went and boarded my flight.

It was dark when we landed in Cairo, so there was no initial impression, apart from the heat.  I saw a couple of mosques lit up on the way to the hotel but nothing else.  This morning, I had a little walk around the area and found it to be hot, dusty and crowded with cars more than people on foot.

If you want to photograph people and culture here, it's going to have to be from a distance with a big lens as most people here have an aversion to being photographed.

One strange thing so far is that the bottled water here tastes the same as the bottled water in India, which is a little worrying!  The streets don't smell anywhere near as bad though.

Time to find some information re things I want to photograph here.



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