Heat exhaustion ...

I met a decent fella called Drago from Russia.  I think he'd get on great with Mat and Wolf Jnr too as travelling companions. The heat exhaustion's been creeping up on me slowly as each day drains more of my reserves.  Today was really bad. 

Drago and I went to visit the pyramids around Cairo.  I hired a driver and we went from site to site.  Drago got his high from being at one with the monuments and I went around trying to shoot what I can.  The light in the area is awful.  If you're going to carry out any photography at the pyramids, I strongly recommend that you take the following filters:  A circular polariser and a neutral density filter. 

I was so drained by the afternoon that I couldn't even get to the Sphinx to photograph it before the light became unworkable for the site.  Perhaps I'll do that on a free day before flying back.  I'm pretty sure that my body won't cope with a day at Luxor on Sunday, so I've cancelled that part of the trip.  Instead I'm going to try to get the necessary minerals etc back into my body and do some gentle photography over the last couple of days here.

Time to drink more water and get some rest.



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