First Order received ...

I'm still waiting for the ISBN number and perhaps a line from a person that might want to chip in with a message for the back cover.  Everything else is pending now.  The USA version (without an ISBN number) is available for purchase.  It's a couple of centimetres smaller than the UK version  (I can hear Derek's mind working on a joke here) but essentially the same book.

I want to wait for the last couple of bits of info before I put the full description and re-designed back cover on here.

I've contacted Combat Stress and the Royal British Legion about the possibility of them sellling the book for a percentage of the profit markup (25%).  I hope that goes favourably.  The sale price will be £6.99.

It's been an interesting ride to get the book to this stage.  It's a bit like swimming in shark infested waters ... but, there are some decent bods around.

I think I've earned some game time.



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