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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

More Snow and trees...with the odd bird here and there...

I had to go and drop off a friend to a little village called East Markham today.  I looked across and saw a stunning tree.  I'm not sure if it's a willow.  The land owners kindly let me photograph it.  I saw a couple of others that I had to stop for on the way out.

Driving conditions were a bit dodgy on the approach and exit but I had no problems until I stopped at Sherwood Forest on the way home.  I had a feeling that it'd be hard to get out of there once the car had been left on the snow for a while.

Sherwood Forest was magical...mystical...beautiful!  It remained calm and peaceful until the first humans appeared.  My kids wanted to see some real snow while they were up over Christmas and I was walking around wishing that they could have come on this walk with me.  The peace would have been non-existent with the snowball fight that would have to have taken place but it would have been worth it.  I took a small video clip to show them the beauty I witnessed today.

When I got back to the car park I had to dig tracks for the car to use as it was stuck in the snow and ice.  While I was on my knees clrearing the packed snow away I couldn't help but wonder if Robin of Loxley really wore tights and whether they were indeed warm enough to keep his tackle warm n toasty on a snowy winter's day.

Two new albums are on the website now:

East Markham and Sherwood Forest.  I hope you enjoy viewing them.


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