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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What is it about a good latin dance that invigorates me?

I cleared up some more before salsa on Friday night.  It was a really good night, the best I've had at salsa for ages.  Sunday night followed it up nicely  - again, a goodnight with some familiar faces.  You dance the dance, have a laugh and then head home.

I heard a couple of tracks that I really want - there's one particular song where the tempo varies from really slow and smoochy to just a little up beat - the tone of the singers voice leaves you under no illusion that it's a passionate love song.  Great voice.

Did I spell 'invigorate' correctly?  :o)

If you're a veteran and want to try some music therapy but are wary of feeling or looking daft - don't!  Just go and find a salsa club ... no pissheads - normally, just great music and lovely ladies to dance with.  Do a search and find classes and clubs in your area by going to: http://www.salsajive.co.uk/.

Happy dancing, if you decide to go ...


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