Project 'Prickly' ...

I've gotten into the habit of visitng my garden in the dark to feel the calm stillness punctuated by a simulation of a tiny flickering candle.  It just feels nice and you don't really see that much .. just the ghost of what you saw earlier as the colours leave a footprint in your subconscious mind.

A shape caught my attention that was out of place - darker than it's surroundings and unfamiliar.  I wondered what it was and walked around to the other side of the garden.  This activated one of the security lights and I saw what it was ... curled up asleep on the floor by the bird feeding station was a hedgehog.  It eventually woke up because of the light and then scurried off to hide behind some of the new plant pots.

So ... today, I built a little hibernation space for it in the hope that it will use it.  I think hedgehogs hibernate .. don't they?

I made it from off cuts that I bought for a fiver from a local builder.  Glued and screwed the bits together and then bought a couple of paving slabs for its foundation.  Lastly, I got all the bits of pine needles and dead twigs etc and pile it all over the structure for insulation.  I'm just waiting for the half pipe entrance to solidify now and then I'll cover that up to with dead twigs etc.

I don't know if I should feed it though as I think I saw one chewing on a huge slug and I'd rather it kept my garden clear of them for the sake of my plants.

Time to find some food for myself ...



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