Belluno Region, Italy ... and 'Little Fish' ...

It was nice to get away and spend time with Alesandro, Sandra and GianLuka (AKA 'Little Fish') - their six month old son.

It was the usual combination of good company, good food, good wine and some education about the area that I was photographing.

Unfortunately the light wasn't brilliant but the scenery was still breath taking.  There's something about mountains that draws me to them, particularly when covered with snow.  You can see the full set of images by clicking here

The main purpose of the trip was to meet GianLuka.  He was born shortly after my last visit.  He's a very lively, active chap with a beautiful voice.  You can check him out working his vocal chords on:  I get the honorary title of 'Uncle Wolf' which is cool as they make me feel a part of their family.

Grow strong, grow well Little Fish

Uncle Wolf :)

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