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One of the most crucial things that you can teach a young photographer is awareness of their Intellectual Property rights.

My daughter started photography at the age of 5.  I showed her a camera, explained the basic way to take a shot and let her go free and do her own thing.  I saw potential in the things she was snapping so I go her a better camera.  She's 15 now and has just got her hands on a DSLR to back up the bridge camera she uses and is doing a GCSE in Photography.

She recently asked if the old website photos were still live anywhere and the answer was 'yes' but in a very bad state.  She wanted to show here teacher the website.  The teacher's was alleged to have said, 'That's not yours it's a professionals, it has copyright written on it.'

Dear teacher - it had copyright on it because copyright is automatically granted to someone when they create something.  Something that a teacher should be aware of.  What's the point of teaching someone GCSE Photography and leaving out their rights surrounding the Intellectual Property that your students have created?

So, just for teachers, students and anyone else looking to get into photography, I've setup some information pages:

Feel free to spread the word and empower yourselves.

Anyone of any age has copyright on works that they have created.

All the best


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