My garden in July ...

I've just had a walk around my garden.  It's been raining on and off again and the tempratures have still been warm enough to promote growth.

The Buddleia have all flowered, though the largest bush has only just started.  There's a worrying lack of bees and butterflies in the area though.  This time last year the garden was full of insect life.  I'm lucky if I see ten bees a day now.  I haven't seen any butterflies for a few days now.

The special rose that I put my energy into has quite a few more rosebuds and two semi open roses.  The scent is exquisite.  I was hoping to be able to share them with someone special but it hasn't happened ...yet.

The other roses, white, yellows. pinks and reds are all doing well and the climbing roses will have to be trained further round the frames.

The Virginia Creepers are all doing well.  The two new members of the garden have reached the house wall now from their pots and should start their journeys to cover the side of the house.

I have only one piece of fruit in the garden - a cherry that I've been watching as it grew green, turned yellow and finally red.  I'm guessing that it isn't ripe enough to eat yet.  I'm watching it daily in the hope of beating the squirrels and birds to it!

The bird feeders are mainly empty as there is so much natural food out there for them at the moment.  I'm sure it's better for them.  Once Autumn approaches, I'll load them up again.  I can still see all the different species using the garden as they forage for food in the trees and plants.  I've seen more Thrushes than ever before here.

The Water Mint has gone mad!  It's growing high and strong - long may it continue.  I love rubbing my fingers on a leaf for a sniff.  It smells beautiful.  There is some regular cooking Mint too, Roesmary, Sage and Thyme as well.

The Fuschia that seemed to have died off last winter has not only bushed back but has started flowering.  It's a great lesson in never giving up hope.

The Olive Tree has made a comeback.  It seemed to have suffered since the Winter before last but there's lots of new growth on there now and I'm wondering if I'll get any olives this year.

There's no sign of the beautiful Frog that I saw in the Spring or the little Toad.  I'm hoping that they're still alive and around.  There are plenty of insects and slugs around for them to eat.  There's still no sign of any Newts.

I spotted a young Sparrowhawk circling over the garden the other morning, crying excitedly as if to announce the fact that it could fly and hunt.  I suspect it will learn to hunt silently like the adults soon when it gets hungrier.

The Wysteria is growing at a grand rate.  One stem has nearly reached half way accross the garden to the trellis.  I'll tie that off soon.  The bamboo frame will be covered by the Autumn and I can't wait to see the display of flowers there next Spring.  The scent automatically reminds me of Italy.

The front garden is wild now and the various grasses and weeds that those yellow and black striped caterpillars need will be a plenty.  I'll trim that area down when they disappear.  Next year's project is to make a rockery in the front garden.

There's no sign of any use around the Bat box and I've made a note to myself that I'll have three Bee boxes in the garden by Winter.

The evening fills me with a sense of peace when the daylight disappears and the lighting comes on; I visibly relax into the energy of the Garden.

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