Living with PTSD - Exhibition update ...

It's getting closer to the start of the first showing of 'Living with PTSD' and I'm working hard on networking and publicity.

From my perspective, the main objective is to raise awareness of how PTSD can leave you feeling by using some of my poetry and to show how photography allows me to leave my home and find solace, mainly in the natural world.  Creativity allows me to cope with living with my disability.

There are also a series of workshops and presentations available as part of this exhibition - which are free.  So if you're an art group, community centre, a veteran group or company that wants to make your staff more aware of PTSD, please book a session via the website.  This could be particularly useful for customer service operatives ... remember that PTSD affects not only veterans but people that have been involved in Road Traffic Accidents, victims of violent crime, sexual abuse, survivors of natural disasters etc.  The common thread being that your life was in danger and that you were not in control of the situation.

I started promoting creativity as a way of coping with disability a few years ago but I didn't want those people to suffer any further hardship by having their art/creative works abused. Many creatives in society aren't aware of their rights when it comes to the issue of Intellectual Property.  As creatives we have to start leaving tags on our photographs, images of art works, music, poems, books etc that clearly identify us as the owners of the rights pertaining to those works.  There's some basic advice on how to protect you Intellectual Property on the Internet here.  One of my workshops goes into a little more detail about protecting your web content from abuse.

The final wing of the project is to help teach creatives how to make themselves visible on the Internet by sharing tips on SEO techniques.  This is an area that is ever changing, so the relevant web pages are updated when possible.

Now I need your help to raise awareness of this work and of my project in general.  Please remember that this is a Not-For-Profit project and that I don't have access to the corporate publicity machine.  This makes it harder to raise awareness of the project ... so I have to rely on you - the people that read my blog, my website, that read my books or have purchased my prints ... and my friends and family.

So please share this article with your friends, colleagues, families and work colleagues and ask them to click the 'like' button or equivalent on the following pages and keep up to date with developments on the run up to the exhibition?

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Here's a small video about the 'Poetry of a Veteran Trilogy'.  Please feel free to share it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope I can count on your help and support.


Villayat 'Wolf' Sunkmanitu

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