First entry of the year 2010

I hope that your New Year has started well for you.  As the snow falls the inner child dances to the carefree rythm of the wind.  I was driving around some of the local areas today looking for photographs of beautiful trees laden with snow and found myself exploring the Matlock area.  Some parts were too dangerous to attempt as the wheels of my car couldn't gain any purchase on the icy surface but others were covered with freshly fallen snow and I enjoyed walking on it.  It feels as though snow takes me back to a previous life where I found great pleasure in being in or around the stuff.

I did some more work on my poetry book tonight.  I just have to add a few more images and it's complete and ready for publishing.  A friend's going to model for me for a couple of specific shots that I need to go with the poems and that will complete a project that will help with the exhibition or vice/versa.

The forecast is for more snow tomorrow which would be great but it'll be settling on ice created tonight (minus 6 celsius locally), so it might be more treacherous than normal.  I found some black ice on a roundabout tonight and the space outside my front door is like a skating rink.

Spare a thought for the elders in your community and salt their paths or bring in their coal or wood for them, if they use those resources?  If they slip and fall on these surfaces, the results could be dire. Knock on their door and share a few moments if you know they live alone?

Be safe, whatever you're doing...and be careful in the morning.


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