USA version update ... it's deleted!

The first copy of the book was done via in the states.  If you want Lulu to print or publish your book, you fall into the sticky mits of the IRS in the USA.  For UK tax paying citizens this results in us having to pay tax over there and then getting taxed again by the Inland Revenue on the figure left.  In addition you have to get a USA tax code for yourself and lodge 2 forms (1 of those stay with Lulu).  It's complicated and can get messy.

I've decided to publish and distribute the UK copy only.  That gets the tax complications out of the way.  If people buy off my website, they're buying from the UK.  I doubt that there'll be much difference in the postage costs, as Lulu have significantly increased their postage costs.  The profit margins on this project are minimal as it is.

BUT, life is simple again ... big sigh.  :)


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